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  1. The dissemination of information in today's age, people in dealings and transactions...

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  2. ...undergraduate students, still decided to convert the runway毅然决然the dissemination of information by candidates, because I think the future is ...

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  3. ...研究 ­ A Research into Impact on an Event's Dissemination Efficiency Utilizing the Social Network "...

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  4. ...very happy is Deduct: We invite the future star in information dissemination ! Water-melon: Volleyball past master! Xiao Ming...

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  5. ... the correlation the social resources news, may display takes the dissemination media effectiveness.

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  6. ...金融公關 - Financial public relations 15. 各種傳播工具 - different dissemination (or broadcasting) tool

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  7. ... my university goes studies the mass media dissemination This is my high school life

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  8. ...分解 (例外) solvent 有溶解力的 → dissolvent 有溶解力的 (例外)semination 傳播 → dissemination 散播 (例外)

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  9. ...form is by be expanded and counted the varied information dissemination media so far by ancient a form of papering, should visit the strength...

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  10. ...complete bottling. Satyric as dazzling translucent ruby-like, and dissemination of a unique fruity aroma, and mellow the wine, people can not help but repeated...

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