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  1. ...sparsely-populated rural community is it possible to disregard it. = It is possible to disregard it only in a...sparsely-populated rural community is it possible to disregard it. In ordinary living there can be some tolerance...

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  2. Board of coffin disregarding The delicious food that the stand south becomes famous belonged... occurred, and became the board of a delicious coffin disregarding .

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年03月16日

  3. Please disregard all documents I offered you before. The following is the revised documents. ============================================== 用 disregard 代表作廢。意思是忽略

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  4. B.. Disregard the shapes, only match the size and black/white locations. Right...

    分類:科學 > 數學 2016年07月28日

  5. Those who claim that circus life is unnatural and harmful to animals 那些宣稱馬戲團的生活對動物是不自然而且有害的人 demonstrate ignorance and disregard for the facts.充分顯露出對這些事實的無知和不尊重。

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  6. No sorry. Disregard . Was meant to someone else. Sorry. 不對,對不起,不要理會(因為...

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  7. 成熟的人不問過去;聰明的人不問現在;豁達的人不問未來。 Those mature disregard the past, those wise disregard the present, those open-minded disregard the future.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年10月17日

  8. officially casually stability uncertainty complex simple,basic respect disregard lifelong temporary

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  9. ...自己已經得到答案,為何還問? "so much for 1.(idiomatic) An expression of disregard ........" 開宗明義,第一句答案就寫在那裡,不夠清楚嗎? disregard 是什麼意思...

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