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  1. ...7)  Stir and mix well until liquid becomes dry, add spring onion8)  Dish up , dash the minced Chinese ham on, serve

  2. ... cooked pork fillet during sauce is boiled, stir well, dish up and serve 6) 加肉排直煮到汁滾拌勻裝盤即可上桌

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  3. ...wok with 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry tomato dices for 2 minutes 6) Dish up tomato with sauce, add 2 tbsp of cornflour and stir well 7) Remove shell and...

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  4. ...showplace of made history The folk is willed to parrot the dishes up tale The lure of a higher meaning cheat to had to...

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  5. ...well. 4. Will be picked up pasta, adding the sauce mix. 5. Dish up and add a little salt and pepper can enjoy.

  6. ... , 上 碟 。 5. Finally, add in spring onion, mix well. Dish up . 香檸炆排骨 Stewed Spare Ribs w/Lemon 材料...

  7. coat 是外套或披上外衣的意思,可作名詞及動詞用。 此處coating是動名詞做形容詞用,指將食物撕碎成可 覆上表面 那般的小塊狀

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  8. 所以把今年的運氣盛在盤裡端出。 我只能能翻醬子ㄌ恩恩 真ㄉ有點難度喔 

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  9. ... in carrot and stew with mutton until mutton turn tender and sauce thickens. Dish up and serve hot.

  10. ... , 上 碟 。 5. Finally, add in spring onion, mix well. Dish up .