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  1. ... of Amsterdam on the 18th of October to attend the conference/ discussion ( of______ ). 3.你們有準備好這次的上台報告了嗎? Are you all ready to get...

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  2. ...當然寫作時,也看你選擇的讀者,是什麼對象來決定你的用辭).serious相配的 用法 ,有a serious problem/mistake, illness/accident/injury,crime,offence/thought/ discussion /boyfriend/girlfriend/relationship a serious money屬俚語.指大量的金錢.為了表示輕鬆...

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  3. ... is the safest way after an internal discussion .  Such packing way will protect the product(s) from...很抱歉"建議可以不用提。產品如果為單數,請用單數 用法 ;如果為複數,則請用複數 用法 。

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  4. ...譯作「超大工作記憶容量」(提供特別大的程式執行記憶體容量)。 單字 special 的 用法 參考 iEnglish:

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  5. ... situation, it is time to end the meeting: ◎ discussion completed, all the items on the agenda were ...也不是頂強,不過我覺得這樣好點吧.... 英文好像沒有雷聲大雨點小的 用法

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  6. ... are at the heart of the human sub-system of the fishery, although discussion about (and statistics on) participants in the fishery often focus as much on...

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  7. ...between the candidates 3 minutesPart 4: Discussion on topics related to the collaborative task... 的成績是5科測驗 -- 閱讀 、寫作 、英語 用法 、聽力 、 口試 -- 的總和 。考生的強項和弱項都會載明...

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  8. ...research in depth and width. 我幫你稍稍重寫. 通順一點 (你有很多文法跟 用法 錯誤) 請參考 2008-03-09 13:43:42 補充: After numerous discussions , we have chosen the famous play of Shakespear's...

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  9. ...指明為下下週末,則可用如后說法:We'll host discussion session on the weekend after the next (weekend).2. 10/24 >>...個身去,他們的臉色是什麼。不然,目前為止,用他們的 用法 ,仍是不失誤的最好方法。Do as the romans...

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  10. ... remarks are relevant to our discussion . 或 Ex.2:Any relevant information should be ...主詞是講人的/與人關聯的,就用它較適當。目前您的造句 用法 都還可以,這樣快速辨認您可能較能吸收瞭解ㄅ。

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