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  1. Translation has no better one or worser one than being expressed , explained in simple or less technical terms and depends on your interpretation.Errors and corrections are in brackets, the...

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  2. discuss .asp?cat=fans 你可以到這邊看看哦 有很多人分享的面試經驗、面試技巧

  3. 建議你可以到這邊看看 discuss .asp?cat=fans 很多人都會分享面試經驗、面試技巧

  4. ...a doctor. Should you have further questions, or want to have further discuss , you can contact me via yahoo messenger at account name: yihao2014

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  5. ... still in dispute about our updated offer, I hope we can discuss it by case. If there is a large number of orders, there...

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  6. ...improvement advice to the start-ups.More of those programme will be discussed in the next paragraph.(100 words)

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  7. 最近醫美討論區好像蠻多詐欺的人出現,各大醫美診所真的要小心喔~~~~

  8. ... out sourcing procedure remains uncertain and subject to further discussion . Nonetheless, an immediate question is when at what stage we shall get...

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  9. ...的產品 Otherwise, we also are glad to go to your company to discuss this new product with you in person. Sincerely Yours, Princess...

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