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  1. As discussed 是一個 clause。 Clause 通常有subject,但這裡的 subject 不是explicit... we have discussed ... 當然 as discussed 可代表 as I discussed with you...。

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  2. Discuss the relationship between the id, ego, and superego. 圖片參考:

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  3. why the author use "come to discussing " instead of "come to discuss " – in this sentence, “ discussing ...

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  4. 先做左會員先 http://www9. discuss 之後去你想發貼的版,如投資版 http://www9. discuss 看右邊中間對上少少的位置到,有一個「 發表新貼」的物體,click 入 打標題、內容,最後按「發新話題」就得了。

  5. What is discussed ? ( discussed = 討論,商談 ) 圖片參考:

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  6. She is waiting for you to discuss the employee's problem. You should leave out "with you" for...employee's problem. CORRECT: She is waiting for you to discuss (with you) the employee's problem.

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  7. 其實, discuss .com.hk都是使用discuz討論區軟件的,它本身是免費,但他們的版面是自己改的...

  8. ... associated with bullying have been noted and discussed wherever formal schooling environments exist. Bullying ...

  9. ...了disucss所以二者咪一樣 新世界數據中心全部瓜晒 而uwants discuss 用新世界數據中心 新世界本身個網也去不到,不止uwants discuss 樂古等...

  10. Discuss (v.) 只解作討論 你所聽到的英文字應該係 Disgust (v./n.) 嘔心/ 使作嘔

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