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  1. ...兒童營的指導員。 Embassy official. (使館)參事。 亦可作 counsellor。 discuss v.t. To debate; give reasons for and against; discourse upon; argue...

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  2. http:// discuss discuss _manager/ DISCUSS _titles.asp?opt=1&rd=1&P=1&K=0& discuss =9112090120030909095505&title= 2006-03-31 03:10:01 補充: 一進去就是討論區囉^^

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  4. 1. Discuss two possible causes of structural unemployment in a modern industrial economy. ...的職業中工業比例下降,服務業比例上升,所需服務業的人力因而增加。 2. Discuss how policy-makers might attack the problem of structural unemployment. Ans...

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  5. Discusses the common enterprise purchase technique, - take develops the golden controlled purchase and the golden tripod with two handles negotiable securities to research of the purchase both sides influence as the example -

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  6. 1:影片下載 http://www1. discuss RealPlayer11 繁體中文正式版 圖...

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  9. 沒錯, 這樣是正確的答案

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