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  1. ...2011-04-01 15:30:49 補充: discuss .php?d=167

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  2. ...hydraulics and pneumatics,pneudraulics is the term used when discussing systems on militaryaircraft that use either or some combination of hydraulic and ...

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  3. ...print designs? We are regret that we cannot meet you discuss this matter each other in Taiwan. Thanks for your attention and...

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  4. ...公職考試討論區」看看,那裡有很多人在交流考試資訊: discuss _board/TitleYes.asp

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  5. ...." 或是 "If I have any question about sale, we could discuss it via MSN." 不過藍色字體的比較好,紅色字體有點口語化 ...

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  6. .../digiBoard.asp ▓公職王討論區 、 discuss _board/TitleYes.asp 5.看我的知識解答的國考類 有相關回答 http...

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  7. 國高中轉學生每年大約在7月初舉辦,請從6月底開始注意教務處轉學生招生簡章公告。 discuss /view.asp?messageid=1527 教務處同時有這一兩年來的月考試題 你可以參考一下

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  8. ...forget the nervousness. 我們談了許多有關服務業的事和工作經驗. We have discussed many issues about service and work experiences. 這次面談讓我有...

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  9. discuss /reply.asp?repno=812&page=1 97年國民中學基本學力測驗資訊網 等他分數出來就可以查 不過要有準考證的後幾碼 跟你的身份證後幾碼 還有基本資料

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  10. ... you to determine the value of my work. Regarding salary, this can be discussed at our next meeting if it is convenient. 附上本人的個人履歷...

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