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  1. Disconsolate 作詞:hiroko・mitsuyuki miyake 作曲:mitsuyuki miyake 二人の Love Story 愛しい想いは増すのは 何故か刹那い したくなる現実逃避 鏡ばかり眺める部屋... 心に talking 時止められやしないのに 気休め...「可哀想に」自分に問いかけては 悲劇のヒロイン 演じたい 二人 Love Story ... Disconsolate 不好意思~只有日文的~^ ^'"

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  2. .../img205/7568/64449810ny4.gif 對照方式,比較不會亂吧~ Disconsolate 歌:mihimaru GT 作詞:HIROKO・MITSUYUKI...人(ふたり)love story e n ji ta i fu ta ri love story ... disconsolate ... disconsolate

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  3. disconsolate melancholy 2者都差不多吧 ^^

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  4. ... Grow -TAKE 06- 3. プライスレス -TAKE 06- 4.  Disconsolate (新曲) 5. travel -TAKE 06- 6. So Merry Christmas...

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  5. ... over his cones, who is a good Christian, a good disconsolate family to mourn his loss… …然而,就如同人失去他的生命是常...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年11月08日

  6. where the aqueous vapor fills the air, the mood of at dusk is more disconsolate ; Integrating on the wilderness , sky and earth flat to be wide, the clear moon...

  7. "mihimaballads 首張抒情精選" 裡面抒情歌都蠻好聽的~ 像是Love Letter , Disconsolate 都很不錯~

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2010年12月23日

  8. ...可查得學術期刊所發表的文章全文! 憂鬱(melancholy; heavyhearted; dejected; disconsolate ) 憂鬱症(melancholia) 資料庫網站:

  9. ..., only leave loneliness to keep company with! 3.Cold winter, the disconsolate breeze blows, shivering of is much more than my person...

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  10. ... beautiful have to be outrageous;Scotch highland in addition to desolate and disconsolate still have a continuous greenly organic everywhere, also is let you to British...

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