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  1. depression 以前在國外就醫長期憂鬱症 2005-05-18 17:16:08 補充: 他是問憂鬱症=.=~ 又不是問躁鬱症~~!!

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  2. ..., our company is facing to a serious economic depression in Taiwan and our competitors are also reducing...

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  3. ... findings suggest that the positive association between BMI and depression in women may be mediated by sweets consumption. 這項研究...

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  4. term 指的是"那個名詞" 也就是指 depression "蕭條" 因這個字眼表示是很嚴重的 經濟非V型反轉 而是U型的 就是 會長期在抵不好一陣子

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  5. Conclusion. 結論 Depression in youth is common and treatable and responds best to multimodal...

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  6. 憂鬱症(major depression ) or clinical depression 和躁鬱症(bipolar disorder)兩者都是常見的情感性...躁鬱症第一型 (Bipolar I) – 躁狂和重度憂鬱 (mania + major depression ) 躁鬱症第二型 (Bipolar II)- 輕度躁狂和重度憂鬱...

    分類:健康 > 心理健康 2004年12月16日

  7. 商用英文英翻中~拜託順暢~ 1. Depression is a deep, extended slump in total...recession. 商業活動減緩被稱為經濟的衰退 5. Depressions have also occurred after wars, when...

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  8. This can be easily titrated against pain and respiratory depression . 這能夠很容易地用滴定法測量來對照疼痛和呼吸抑制 The resuscitation regimen...

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  9. ...現象,以日照治療可以改善其憂鬱症狀。 depression / depression _2.htm

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  10. ...possible should 被省略 3.It s high time the government_______something about the economic depression . (A)to do (B)do (C)done (D)did does...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年01月06日

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