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  1. ... season is one that's happy for many, and sad for others. Depression is a big issue this time of year for many people who feel alone while so many...

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  2. cycle propane KK: [saikl propen] 中文 :環丙烷 cycle KK: [saikl] n. (名詞 noun)[C...of events leading to the Great Depression . 他研究了導致大蕭條的一系列事件。 3. (表現同一...

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  3. ...not the worst phase presently, instead of informing the people, the economic depression will continue and worse.

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  4. 1.重度憂鬱症 2.憂鬱症

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  5. 多吃香蕉,可以使人產生高興的心情,所以,我們沒看過猴子得憂鬱症。 Eating banana allows human body to generate happy mood. Hence, we have not seen any monkeys having depression .

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  6. ... ideation and behavior or worsening depression , during the first few months of therapy. Contraindication to history of angle-closure glaucoma 適應症( 中文 ): 憂鬱病 適應症(英文): 副作用( 中文 ): 頭暈,昏昏欲睡...

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  7. ... trade policies of the 1930s Depression , world trade shrank back, as a proportion of world...全球化則廣泛含蓋在富有的工業國家。 小弟的翻法是以 中文 說出來較通順的方法表達,所以很多句子的順序有所顛倒...

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  8. ...left can not accept is the fact that in May the same, live the life of depression , sadness in daily living in

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  9. Depression 名詞 1.壓低,降低,陷落。 2.凹窪;窪地,沈降地。 3. 不景氣,蕭條,不振...角度距離;【測】俯角。 7. 【病理學】機能降低,抑鬱症。 Atmospheric depression 低(氣)壓。 Nervous depression 神經衰弱。 Suffer from [be ...

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  10. ...a particular emotional or physiological condition. Premenstrual tension, post-natal depression , inappropriate reactions to emotional stress, are all common aberrant ...

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