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  1. public demonstrations ㄉ意思是{公開示範}

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  2. ... Grounds of arguments Demonstration A good dissertation should have the support your point of view. 3. Demonstration of arguments – This is...

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  3. The demonstration of the experiment can be seen in the following link :

    分類:科學及數學 > 化學 2008年01月23日

  4. flurry - 混亂、慌張 diplomatic activity - 外交活動、外交事件 as - 因為...所、當...隨之 protest - 抗議 sign - 跡象 die down - 退卻、平息 demonstration - 示威 全句:當大陸的抗議在星期六的示威之後只有少許平息的跡象,外交的風波隨之發生。

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  5. Content: Our group choose Hong Kong and the early demonstration area because this demonstration area has demonstrated prewar Hong...

  6. 示範單位: Demonstration units 園林燒烤:Garden barbecue 安排不當: Improper 走火樓梯:Fire escape stairs 2007-10-22 17:49:35 補充: 做我最佳解答

  7. Regarding to your requirement, our sales representative will contact you next week for the demonstration arrangement.

  8. ...容易搵到個大家都有興趣0既話題, 仲要10分鐘, 所以一定要用動作 (即係做示範 Demonstration ) 搭夠. 我初步諗到0既有以下幾樣0野, 睇0下你邊範強d, 就可以講0個樣...

  9. 試範動作 Demonstration 最佳伸展輔助器 Best gym trainer aid 不分男女方便使用 User...

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  10. In this demonstration , I would like to use various flavours to see which one people like the most...

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