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  1. 若是要用MSN的話, 你能這麼寫: I can send you this file by MSN. 因為基本上, send都是傳送.寄送的意思; 所以只要後接你想使用的方式 除非你特別註明要 upload (上傳)/download(下載)- 而 transfer 是轉換 deliver 是寄送

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  2. ...打字,以下用紅色粗體字標示。 Joint teams will be put in place to deliver continuous improvement to initial meet above targets but then deliver the step target...

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  3. ...and should be ready for ____ by next week. ready for後面可以接名詞或是V-ing - deliver (v) 寄送 (X..須為動名詞) --> 改成 delivery 或 delivering 即可 - pack...

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  4. We had delivered xxxx and xxxx by DHL on last Tuesday. Attached is the receipt from DHL.

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  5. 原句如下 Would you like to deliver your purchases by mail for us ? 原意應為你能不能幫我們把你的採買用品用信件寄給我們? 為了避免 for us 在句子的最後容易被遺忘且找不到修飾部位, 因而把for us 拉到前面

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  6. ...flight to Miami will be delayed by bad weather. 4. The company delivers a million packages every day. A million packages are...

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  7. May we deliver the goods from mainland China? It can shorten the delivery schedule by two weeks.

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  8. "and delivering a technology and programming language "在這裡翻作=給予 或 發表point 翻作=指向 或 指出所以point-and-click的意識是指向和按

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  9. In order to deliver the child easily and ease the pain in pregnancy, it is said that the pregnant... belly, wave your body with the rap. It does work to deliver the baby. Eventually, we call it belly dance.

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  10. ...uptighteverythingsalright.htmStevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered , I m Yours

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