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  1. ...類皮不要削太厚 Melon and squash taste good with some skin so don't peel too thick. 5.菜冰太久會"ㄌㄟㄣ去" veggies may be dehydrated if refrigerated for too long. 6.台語的"ㄌㄟ...

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  2. 太多了 要去GOOGLE翻義

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  3. ...溶劑中卻不行? 2.why might a person who is badly dehydrated not be able to sweat?為何一個嚴重脫水的人可能會無法... heat is absorbed from the skin , that cools down the body. 也就是說,當液體蒸發...

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  4. 防老化 AGE SHIELD 產品名字Total Renewing Cream 50毫升裝 - 各種肌膚都可使用 Age Shield 帶來革命性的創新: 他含有海洋珊瑚活性離子鈣重新涵養你的肌膚 這肌膚霜迅速紓解你肌膚乾糙的症狀 讓你肌膚滑潤 緊繃 有彈性

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