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  1. Chemical formula of hydrated sodium carbonate is Na2CO3·10H2O. Na2CO3·10H2O (s) → Na2CO3 (s) + 10H2O(l) Mole ratio of Na2CO3·10H2O : H2O = 1:10 Molar mass of...

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  2. dehydrating ......... CxH2xOx -------------------->Cx+xH2O (carbonhydrates) (black)

  3. ...glucose, the water concentration in plants will decrease. therefore, the plant will wilt or dehydrated . On the other hand, starch 澱粉 wil not dissolve in water. Hence, it can...

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  4. 由於植物的cell membrane係由Phospholipid做既 太conc既organic solvant如alchohol應該會溶左佢掛…… 即使唔溶,水入面同cell sap, cytoplasm既concentration gradient都唔同 水會由個cell入面係咁走出黎 個cell會 dehydrate

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  5. ... 成分: Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolatge, skim milk, butter ( dehydrated ), soy lecithin: an emulsifier, vanillin: an artificial flavor), hazelnuts, sugar, ...

  6.;12C + 11H2O 2.Conc. H2SO4 in here to preform the dehydrating property 3. 2H2SO4 +C ---------> CO2 + 2SO2 + ...

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  7. ...produce some fume. Some conc. acid like conc. sulphuric acid is dehydrating agent and the reaction with water is very exothermic.

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  8. as camping stores. They are mostly dehydrated foods. They taste terrible. See

  9. ... sulphuric acid will exhibit its involatile property but NOT dehydrating nor acidic property. Involatility of conc. sulphuric acid means...

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  10. 牛奶巧克力(糖, 可可醬, 朱古力, 脫酯乳, 黃油(被脫水), 大豆卵磷脂: 乳化劑, 香草精: 一個人為味道), 榛子, 糖, 修改了棕櫚油, 小麥麵粉, 乳清, 可可粉, 大豆卵磷脂: 乳化劑、脫酯乳、小蘇打和氨鹽基碳酸鹽作為發酵粉, 鹽, 香草精: 一個人為味道

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