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  1. 冰封玫瑰為您解答... deduct 和 subtract 的意思一樣 使用方法有些顯微的差別 在描述數學的「減法」時 兩...減五 subtract 5 from 7 deduct 5 from 7 「稅務」或「付款」上的文句中,就是用 deduct 這個字來搭配。 如: How much in capital losses can I deduct ...

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  2. 我更遺憾地告訴你簡我的得分雙50因所謂的違反規則反复分數。請讓我知道為什麼這樣概念我。

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  3. ME too. 違規原因 ;CopyrightCopyright 我猜是有人檢舉所以才會這樣吧. Considered as finished forgets

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  4. 我很難質疑,為什麼你不擔心4倍(即200 scoes)昨天,由於違反規定扣除我的得分各50。請讓我知道,以概念我是肯定的原因 我很感謝您的極大關注與尊重我的問題。坦白地說,我是86歲的高學歷本地Taiwanses幾個,我不能夠Chinses字符在計算機打字...

  5. deduct money    v.    扣錢 deduct salary    v.    扣薪水

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  6. Deducting this amount directly from payable would make it difficult to reconcile our balances.

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  7. 英Will deduct the expenses which will lose 15 bats from your order next time...

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  8. The single foot stands and deducts Both feet stand and deduct Four is deducted jointly The cowherd deducts Five claws deducting Develop the mould

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  9. ... his taxes,Christophe remembered to deduct allowable home improvement expenses. a.在計算您的稅金之前,Christophe...

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  10. ...-melon: And then what made us very happy is Deduct : We invite the future star in information dissemination! Water-melon: ...

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