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  1. ...quot;this year"在這裡是用來形容"to recruit"(今年雇用200人)所以它與 decide 的時式型態無關.所以: 1. The staffing committee has decided ...

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  2. 華語譯:生日禮物決定了什麼嗎? # 誕プレ (たんプレ):文法情報 (名詞) (俗語、略語) 英文譯: birthday present # 例. 私はまだあなたの誕生日プレセントが決まらない。(I still haven't decided your birthday present.)

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  3. ...我的理由) 在本句裡:連接詞as = because As it was late, I decided to book into a hotel. see p.61 Cambridge Advanced Learner...

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