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  1. I made a deal with my mother that I`ll study harder. 我覺得不一定要用什麼介系詞帶,用that子句即可

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  2. ...你也可以看看別的英英字典,較能掌握這兩組字的 用法 。 2013-03-06 19:55:18 補充: Cambridge網路字錪對cope的解釋及例句: to deal successfully with a difficult situation It must be difficult to cope...

  3. ...的 用法 一模一樣,是 「形容詞+介係詞」 的典型 用法 。跟 with 合用的形容詞,很多都是表示「感覺」或「情緒... Said to Seek Book Deal (

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  4. 因為“ deal with ”雖然是兩個字,但只是一個動詞。(處理的意思) 英文有許多”兩...動詞“。例如”come up with “。這其實蠻正常。 因此,過去時是” dealt with “。

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  5. ...當專業術語時才加上s。如In this chapter, we discuss strategies for dealing with the problem behaviors of young children.

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  6. ...impossible to please. 不可能討好她。 是對的 She is impossible to deal with . 不可能跟她(交易,做事) 也是對的 這2句 impossible 也可以翻譯成 非常困難...

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  7. surgery That branch of medical science dealing with the treatment of injuries, deformities, or diseases by manual...

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  8. ...動名詞扮演介系詞之受詞的角色:She wrote a newspaper article about dealing with college recruiters. She thanked her coach for ...

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  9. ...購買的誓約) 2 [C] something that you must do or deal with that takes your time: family/work ...自己看英文的辭典, 先用英漢辭典去了解字義和常見的 用法 , 然後等到你對某個 用法 真的需要深入了解的時候...

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  10. ... don't know how to " deal " with this problem.(現在簡單式,所以時態不變, deal ) 10. She is "getting...背和拼命念,才會懂那個語言的使用習慣和 用法 。背多了,你的腦袋自然會分析出結構來...

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