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  1. fun-loving 和 low - priced 是以分詞的形式作為形容詞 ing 有主動的意味, fun-loving 愛玩的 ed 有被動的意味, low - priced 被標低價的

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  2. ..., This goods can not be sold out before the deadline day , so we descide to low down our price by 50% from original one.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年10月01日

  3. A very special day in out school is coming. 對我們學校來說非常特別的...enjoy beautiful music at a coffee stand or tast delicious snacks at a low price 你能夠在小咖啡攤裡享受美妙的音樂或者以低價品嚐美味的點心...

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  4. ...我幫他餵狗。 2.Peter asked his girlfriend out for dinner the day before yesterday. Peter前天約他的女朋友出去吃晚餐。 3.This cell phone was bought at a low price by that man. 這隻手機被那個男人以低價買走了。 4.Why does ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年06月11日

  5. ...價格在同一個物件上沒打敗對手 我們會如廣告所打的做到 If you find a lower competitor's advertised price within 30 days after purchase,we'll double the difference. 如果在購買的30天以內 您找到對手打出...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年11月12日

  6. ...營業費用比率較同業少了5%,但該公司將此營運優勢差距,支持其每日低價(every day low price )的銷售策略,使其競爭對手必須在價格上應戰,無力進行營運體系的更新,自然...

  7. ...the adjustment of the price after inflation). The lower price always induced high oil consumption. the world could keep a balance to the demand of world day by day . It’s estimated that the supply...

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  8. know the bottom line price , the actual search begins. Usually, the lowest price will show up within 21-45 days for travel (Mostly showing up on Monday or Tuesday...

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  9. 開盤價: Open 或 Opening Price 收盤價: Close 或 Closing Price 當日最高價: Day High 當日最低價: Day Low

    分類:商業與財經 > 投資 2004年12月15日

  10. Hello The lowest price i can give you is $ 0.200 (20000pcs) And this price doesn't includes... address so i can sent the sample immediately. Also wish you have a nice day !

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