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  1. ...'s(T-ara Fan名) 〈 Day By Day MV〉 西元2333年... Love MV版(劇情承接 Day By Day )〉 [六年後] 孝敏眼睛動了...

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  2. .../o/151207060180413871819840.jpg 迷你專輯: DAY BY DAY ( 2012.07...歌手:T-ARA( 티아라 ) 歌名: DAY BY DAY 圖片參考:

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  3. ...むよ 何歳(いくつ)になっても オトナは楽じゃない 今日も 女 Day by Day ※ 非常識な帰宅時間 まるで 寝れない 明日も早いのに...

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  5. Dido - The Day Before The Day Speeches won't be...enough It wakes me every single night, thinking through the day Did you stop at any time have doubts at any stage Were you calm...

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  6. each day 每一天 (表單位) every day 每天 (表習慣) He watches the door for the restaurant and is paid 30 dollars each day . He walks to the market every day to buy fruit and meat.

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  7. 這句話的意思是: 等待一天又一天~ 這是從英文歌詞裡聽到的嗎?

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  8. 這位親辜你好,很高興為你解答 : ) 1.圖( Day by day )(越多越好) A. 個人圖: 雅凜 http...還沒正式加入T-ara,但是她已經演出 Day by day 的MV了,預計今年12月才會和T...

  9. Day By Day 沒有mv喔 但是有Live的一樣好聽又好看 Live...

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  10. On what day 跟 What day 其實是一樣的。正式的用法 (Formal English...在平常的談話,我們往往會省掉前面的 on 字,上面的句子就變成 What day can you come ? 就好像有時候我們說:See that ? 其實我們是在說 Don...

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