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  1. ...希望將自己這個特色告訴讀者,那就會稱自己的報章為XX日報,XXX Daily 。後來日報當然漸漸多起來,但以 Daily 為報章命名,已成為一種特色了...

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  2. 直譯是 Daily life 可是 everyday life會比較常用和正確 或是可以用 daily lifestyle (日常生活習慣)

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  3. 2 Oct 08 Thursday Sunshine The weather is charming today, but seems it is not match with my feeling. Today i am very tired and upset with some issues.....the camera...

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  4. ...有調理嘅安排今聽眾更容易明白系最緊要。到最後都不過印象分啫,系咪? Daily routine 即時間次序為主: at about __ o'clock / just before __ / at __ / between...

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  5. daily routine既英文解釋 : The usual / regular work or process one has to carry out everyday. For further reference please also see the following web site:

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  6. Daily +Readers+6a+45&oq= Daily +Readers+6a+45&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1089l1723l0l1911l3l3l0l2l0l0l131l131l0.1l1l0 hope i can help you

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  7. daily life指日常生活

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  8. 其實'improve my English' 就可以啦,何必寫得這麼長呢?^_^ 另外,find後面不用is。eg. I find this quote very confusing. anyway, 那個association派發多過10000包紙巾給護士去顯示她們的工作有多艱苦。take out of就是說護士們的工作令她們筋疲力盡。而最...

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  9. ...or if firms have genuine financial problems. (請問genuine 不是形容詞嗎? 這句用法有否錯誤?) correct. ... firms have genuine (adj.) financial (adj.) problems (n.) both of the adjectives are used to modify the noun (problems...

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  10. amid positive market sentiment = 在一片正面的市場氣氛之中1) 新加坡交易所升百份之4.5,而澳洲證券交易所跌百份之3.3。在一片正面的市場氣氛之下,香港交易所收市報$180.9,升百份之5.3。 came under fire for (或come under fire from) = 受到批評2) 對於二人在去年8月23日人質慘劇,目睹八名香港...

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