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  1. 以曼谷銀行3/19日公告的匯率,100美元=3447泰銖。 Currency Exchange Rate Date : 19 March 2007 Update : 2 Effective ...

  2. ...巴黎 Official Language(s)官方語:French法文 Currency (幣別):franc法郎 Exchange Rate :匯率可能你要自己查嚕~時常變動! 現在1 美金 等於 1.1715 瑞士法郎 1...

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  3. fee will be calculated... 2014-03-11 00:11:17 補充: exchange rate 是 currency exchange rate 的簡寫。 currency exchange rate 是 貨幣交換率 在這種上文下理,你不需要用全名...

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  4. ... from person to person as a medium of exchange ; circulation: coins now in currency 至於 匯率 還是用 exchange rate 比較常見

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  5. ...likely to have a commitment in a foreign currency , will have a variable value in the home currency because of exchange rate movements.

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  6. ... today exchange rate forthe US dollar? 答?Could you tell me currency exchange rate for the US dollar.Could you tell me today’s exchange rate for...

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  7. ...whatever place you want to go? 你知道那裡的幣值/比值嗎? - Do you know the currency exchange rate ? 你知道那裡的交通情況如何嗎? - How is the traffic over there...

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  8. ..., Thailand, China, Indonesia and the euro and other currency exchange rate of US dollar daily data history and Japanese economic industry research so...

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  9. 中文翻譯 一種涉及在未來某一個特定日期將銀行存款轉兌為不同貨幣的匯率兌換交易 關鍵字 exchange 兌換 transaction交易 currencies 貨幣 關鍵詞 exchange rate 兌換率 bank deposits 銀行存款

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  10. currency - exchange - rates /real-time-forex-charts/FinanceChart.aspx?m=c 這裡面有

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