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  1. 1) Mong Kok is a crowded place 旺角是擁擠的地方 2) Wii is a very...6) I prefer to stay at home for rest, rather than go out during my holiday 假期時, 我寧可留在家裡, 也不...

  2. ...competitive advantages for you to compete with others and you will stand out from the crowd . Salary, you may refer to

  3. 在六月二十三日上午, 楊(指中國首位升空太空人楊利偉先生)成功地接觸了神州五號降落 在沙漠蒙古。但是, 大多數航天器停留在空間持續旅行在地球附近。為以下六張嘴, 科學家在中國曾經它學習地球和學會更多太空有關資料 。大約2,000 個人聚集觀看神州五號凱旋回歸。楊(指中國首位升空...

  4. 1. was walking 2. was serving 3. was running 4. was driving 5. were getting 6. was cheering 7. were walking 8. were talking 9. were drinking

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