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  1. Criminal law is doing for the law of punishing for various kinds of...eye: protect the means.Different punishment to other laws of criminal law among them.Lie in life punishment and freedom punishment.

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  2. a. (形容詞 adjective) 犯罪的,犯法的 Robbery is a criminal act. 搶劫是犯罪行為。 刑事上的[Z][B] Scotland has its own criminal law . 蘇格蘭有它自己的刑法。 可恥的 n. (名詞 noun) 罪犯[C]

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  3. ...of learned different kinds of law , for example, civil law , civil procedure law , criminal law , constitution, administrative law , maritime law , insurance law and so on. Furthermore...

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  4. 1.civil law ~~~~~~~~~民法 2. criminal law ~~~~~~刑法 3. litigation law ~~~~~訴訟法 law ~~~~~保險法 5..maritime law ~~~~~海商法

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  5. law 公司法 unwritten law 不成文法(習慣法) civil law 民法 law of publication 出版法 criminal law 刑法 conscription law 兵役法 martial law 戒嚴法 bill of law 法案 military law 軍法 marine...

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  6. ...? The weather, politics or the criminal law ? 新加坡位於馬來西亞半島南端,首都是新加坡市,一...of us do not understand the reason for these severe criminal law but we can't deny in term of economy, security or environment...

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  7. ...item 1st section, 5th section, the company law 259th, the commercial fiscal law 71st and the criminal law 342nd stipulation. If accountant checks time the visa work to the 2008-08...

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  8. (簡譯) 兒童與性行為相關英國法律的起源: 本章介紹相關法律在十九世紀末的發展。訂出"合法性行為同意年齡"是一個重要的發展。蘇格蘭和英格蘭之間的法令差異也有影響。 (這應是某論文篇章的開頭。中間幾句不是很清楚,總之是說,要再更詳盡其實得繼續看後面的論文)

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  9. American Association of Law Libraries American... Bar Association: Criminal Justice Section

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  10. ... s widespread use of vaguely defined terms in its criminal law , such as "disrupting social order" and "endangering national...

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