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  1. Criminal law is doing for the law of punishing for various kinds of...eye: protect the means.Different punishment to other laws of criminal law among them.Lie in life punishment and freedom punishment.

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  2. First, criminal law : Second, Law of Criminal Procedure: Third...

  3. a. (形容詞 adjective) 犯罪的,犯法的 Robbery is a criminal act. 搶劫是犯罪行為。 刑事上的[Z][B] Scotland has its own criminal law . 蘇格蘭有它自己的刑法。 可恥的 n. (名詞 noun) 罪犯[C]

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  4. 1.刑事特別法 1.[ Law ] torture; corporal punishment2.[ Law ] the criminal law ; the penal code2.軍事審判法 1.the military law ; the military criminal code3.行政法 1.the...

  5. LAW /SAMPLE/ criminal - law -sample.doc 邢訴:

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  6. ...subsequent acts, as a successor to commit. And According to the criminal law a number of criminal acts-like nature of Uehara is...

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  8. ...civil law 民訴 Zivilprozessrecht/civil procedure 刑法 Strafrecht/ criminal law 刑訴 Strafprozessrecht/ criminal procedure 行政法 Verwaltungsrecht...

  9. 1.civil law ~~~~~~~~~民法 2. criminal law ~~~~~~刑法 3. litigation law ~~~~~訴訟法 law ~~~~~保險法 5..maritime law ~~~~~海商法

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  10. 你賀" Taiwan's criminal law , "the suicidal person guilty of Robbery, and thereby cause human death, ...

  1. criminal law 相關