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  1. ...(註2). As long as they can play their own value, they can create glory for themselves and record their names in history. Liu...

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  2. 創世異聞錄 =Genesis short story =創世紀異聞錄

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  3. No. Whoever presenting the evidence will have to create an acceptable exhibit for the Court.

  4. seed-bearing 是個形容詞 bearing seed (通常)是個名詞片語 例子們: Apple is a seed-bearing plant = 蘋果 是 "帶籽的" 植物 bearing seeds is an important function of the fruit. = "帶籽" 是 果實的重要功能

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  5. And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 上面出自King James Version裡的聖經用語是較古式的英文。其動詞的「第三人單數現在簡單式...

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  6. I am not sure why Helen tied "the" together with "most"! "Most" can follow almost anything. This is the most important thing of your life. (O) Honesty is most important! (O) A most unusual topic...

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  7. 1. the 1930s = the 1930's 是普通名詞的「複數形」,代表1930s = 1930~1939的十年 (三O年代) the 1930s = the nineteen-thirties in the seventies =在七十年代 Your grade was in the nineties.=你的分數是九十幾分。 定冠詞the用在-ties字尾的複數名詞...

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  8. 百分簡易. 原句=... the global economy ((that) it helped (to) create ) continues. 醬子,你看懂了嗎? 說說妳的看法,我再回應.

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  9. ...b.g.--f.g.--according to the author.,writer of the book;eg:-Dicken creates his favourite b.g. and f.g. in his books.

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