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  1. ... 你問的是這種的嗎? 這種包裝叫"板條箱",英文為 Crate ! Crate : 以木框或木條製成。為有空隙通風之箱,多用以裝載機械...

  2. ...產品(WOODENWARE,WOODEN CASE,PALLET,SKID, CRATE ...)噘需要在裝載貨物或是裝船前做熱處理(HEAT-TRATED)或是煙燻...

  3. 這個是底板 這個是條箱

  4. There is a quotation from overseas company- I want to confirm with him about price and whether freight charge is included. When can they deliver? If quarantee attached, what is the period of validity?

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