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  1. ...plastic bags when she goes shopping. 5. When Jane coughed , she used a tissue to cover her mouth. The word in bracket ...

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  2. ...題1.play2.read3.paint4.risen5.diver6.rush7.pating8.weepingp.38第一至3題1.headache2.sorethroat3. cough

    分類:教育及參考書 > 教學 2008年08月05日

  3. ... mother Earth is sick; she has fever and is coughing polluted air! Why? It is because of us, of man...

    分類:教育及參考書 > 教學 2012年06月09日

  4. ...lung function to enhance One to nine months after quitting, coughing , shortness of breath situation has improved considerably One year...

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  5. 1a.mouse 1b the mouse of the computer 2a. cloud 3a virus ***not sure the answer

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