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  1. Pholcodine linctus is a cough suppressant. (應該係止咳) Further precautions...藥性: Its an expectorant袪痰的, used to help a person cough up mucous 咳出痰from the lungs 2007-03-17 01:37:47...

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  2. ... usually the cause of our cold symptoms. Sometime cough syrup contain Hydrocodone, which is a opioid. This help with...

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  3. ...咳 最好就drink多d水,同埋試下吸d濕d既空氣都有幫助 if你係冇啖即係dry cough ,就要食一d cough suppressant 直接affect你d神經令你唔再咳,食完都唔好既話最...

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  4. 英文名: Mist Expect Stim Cough Syrup 簡稱: MES 俗稱: 馬尿 藥房應該有得配,但沒有醫生紙去配,不知道是否合法? 加上年青人飲咳水成誘,我猜藥房應該會很小心出售。

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  5. ...藥水有兩隻嫁, 兩隻都係止咳, 食左可能有D睡意 第一隻(CASIROL COUGH SYRUP)含有: CHLORPHENIRAMINE IPECACUANHA ...

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  6. ...oral fluid eg saliva or fluid from stomach get aspirated into the lung, he will cough vigorously to remove the fluid However, in those with impaired consciousness...

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  7. 唔怕又焗又嗡 圖片參考: cough .gif ge 話; 唔怕比人笑 圖片參考:

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  8. ... Dextromethorphan is used to temporarily relieve a cough caused by a cold, the flu, or other conditions in adults...

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  9. ...ingredient to include: The loquat leaf, the platicodon grandiflorum, honey he can relieve a cough , affable throat ill 希望幫到你

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  10. ..., increased sputum, nose bleeding, nasal crust, sinusitis. Coughing may sometimes happen. In some patients, headache, dizziness and tiredness may...

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  1. coughing 相關