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  1. 咳藥水既英文: cough syrup 咳藥水都系留反咳先飲啦,唔該 Take cough syrup only when you have a cough , please ! Only take cough syrup when you have a cough , please !

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  3. 英文名: Mist Expect Stim Cough Syrup 簡稱: MES 俗稱: 馬尿 藥房應該有得配,但沒有醫生紙去配,不知道是否合法? 加上年青人飲咳水成誘,我猜藥房應該會很小心出售。

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  4. ... usually the cause of our cold symptoms. Sometime cough syrup contain Hydrocodone, which is a opioid. This help with cough ...

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  5. I think you should see the doctor again for some coughing syrup . Don't eat oranges or drink cold drinks for the moment

  6. ...混淆真混帳 詞語 syrup ---食物用的糖漿, 咳藥一般被製成糖漿狀作飲用, 所以是 cough syrup rushed--- 對了, 是急送, 被動式, "被急送" concerned by...

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  7. ...). well.. codeine isn't, as was contained in some old cough syrup .

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  8. Aerius為新型抗組織胺(Antihitamine),是Clarityne的進化版,用於抗敏感/收鼻水之用,副作用為口乾及腸胃不適。 Panadol是必理痛,相信我唔洗多講。 Eurozyme即Lysozyme是酵素的一種,有輕鬆消炎作用,作用機制為減少身體的分泌...

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  9. ...咳嗽扣拉糖漿。 圖片參考: cough _ syrup .gif 腫塊 全身長滿大塊的黃色腫塊,並且很癢。 給牠們洗一個藥泥浴...

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  10. uni- is the name given by the company, like brand name DM is a short form of Dextromethorphan, a mild drug used to treat cough .