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  1. (a) For t=20, R=10e^(-20/40) = 10e^(-0.5) = 10/sqrt(e) = 6. (b) For R = 5, that is 5=10e^(-t/40), 0.5 = e^(-t/40) ln(0.5) = -t/40 , t= -40ln(0.5) = 27.8 = 28 sec. 2008-07-02 20:28:53 補充: To 002, my favorite time is 7am, not 23pm.

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  2. 2 Set 200/q = 30+20q 20q^2+30q-200=0 2q^2+3q-20=0 (2q-5)(q+4)=0 q=2.5 or -4 p=200/2.5=80 3 (a) the response magnitude after 20 seconds =10e^(−20/40) =6 (the nearest integer) (b) Set 10e^(−t/40)=5 e^(−t/40)=0.5 -t/40=ln(0.5) t=58 (the nearest second)

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  3. ...the sales for the information, they will introduce u to find the suitable one. 4. cough ........not a good sign, u should bring her to c the vet. 5. wear 冷衫 when the temp. drops under 12C, coz it's elastic which fits cats. If...

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  4. ... eyes in health stimulate, have a headache, cough , throat pain, dizzy and sick; The adult asthma patient person's lung function obviously drops ; Send asthma can cause by second hand smoke of house...

  5. ...respiratory tract fluid which presumably is easier to cough up. It is the active ingredient in many ...amp;#39;s salmiakki and the Netherlands' zoute drop and the Danish Dracula Piller ...

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  6. ...confuse connect consider consist contain continue copy correct cough count cover crack crash crawl cross crush cry cure curl...dislike divide double doubt drag drain dream dress drip drop drown drum dry dust earn educate embarrass employ...

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  7. ...vine 2) to drink the rose flower-scented green tea drop out point red wine 3) to drink the sweet-scented ...student drank many turned impotent, the easy allergy, the cough or produced the leucorrhea oh.

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  8. ...after quitting, carbon monoxide levels in blood drop to normal Quit smoking after 48 ... to nine months after quitting, coughing , shortness of breath situation has improved considerably...

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  9. ...berylium used in spring, relay, connection, computer motherboard cause shortness of breath, coughing , chest pain,rapid heart rate

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  10. ... a pool underneath his head. McInturf coughed , once, twice; a hideous, gurgling, strangling... of them staggered and almost dropped the body. They hurriedly laid McInturf...

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