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  1. ...圍圍巾,夏天就準備小絲巾或保護喉嚨的東西。睡眠充足。 cough .php

  2. There is a tumor in the chest. 2015-01-19 06:36:47 補充: Unknown. This is a CT. So you need more diagnosis to confirm.

  3. 喀〈動〉 吐 [ cough up] 弟偕行喀血,隐而不言,血氣遂大耗。――清·方苞《弟椒塗墓志銘》 喀 〈象〉 嘔吐、咳嗽的聲音 [noise made in coughing or vomiting] 喀,吐聲,又欬聲。――《篇海類編》 兩手據地而歐之...

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  4. ...ready-to eat) or contaminated materials;after breaks;after coughing or sneezing or blowing their nose; andafter using toilet...

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  5. 當然要帶口罩,一是保障你不會給外來病菌侵入,2是不會傳染人

  6. ...and person die in minutes. The effects of pulmonary edema include coughing and shortness of breath which can be delayed until hours or days...

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  7. ...specialize, treat SYMPTOM /SICKNESS ache, allergies, asthma, clot, cough , cramp, dizziness, fever, itch, migraine (偏頭痛), numb, nausea (噁心, 作嘔), pain, rash, sneeze...

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  8. mucus is not totally equal to sputum since most mucus is swallowed and only for those undesirably coughed out we will refer to as sputum.

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  9. ...的描述,似乎是可能患上慢性氣管炎(Bronchitis)或百日咳(Whooping cough )。前者可以服食咳藥水及用薄荷膏敷肺部;而後者,則比較嚴重必須注射百日咳預防...

  10. ...class numbers only, so you should all know each [other's] numbers. 8. Coughing is not [permitted] as it may disturb others. 9. Students...

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