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  1. According to the English Dictionary, the word of cookie or cooky is a noun (Scotland & U.S.A.) ;small.flat, thin, sweet cake (Esp. home-made). Yip

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  2. ... are 20 dollar small changes. (9).餅乾 Biscuit (cooky)都可以 希望可以幫助到你!!! 2009-11-14 03:49:10 補充: Zhong...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年11月14日

  3. ...性病 When I was seventeen, 當我17歲時 I boned a cooky bitch 我操了一個淫穢的爛女人 A couple days later, my...

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  4. This picture that I want to introduce is my favorite grandfather. He died when I was in junion high school. He was very longevous because he had lived for ...

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