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  1. ...a gathering of people, especially a gathering for a political purpose. convention 來自拉丁文conventio. 強調是特殊目的召集,集合的會議與會員代表大會 A formal...

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  2. 應該是I have to go to the bottle cap convention .吧? 我一定要去參加瓶蓋大展 convention 會議或展覽

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  3. a post convention bounce=a bounce after convention 黨大會之後的民調彈升

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  4. 應該改用現在完成式。 Now that convention center has been enlarged, and...2011-07-18 16:39:48 補充: Convention _center convention center是普通名詞,應加冠詞,如a convention ...

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  5. Now that it has ------,the Convention center can seat up to 500 people it 指的是the Convention center ,同時也...

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  6. Convention hotel:會議旅館 Holding time:保留時間 Lock-out:把房間鎖起來 Off-season rate:淡季房租 Back-of- the-House:後場管理區 Guaranteed Reservation:保證訂房

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年04月23日

  7. conference :(正式)會議;討論會,協商會 convention :1. 會議,大會;全體與會者。例如:The ...例如:It is silly to be a slave to social conventions .對社會習俗盲從是愚蠢的。 council:會議;政務會...

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  8. .... Bush to selectively interpret parts of the Geneva Conventions and set tough ground rules for defendants at Guantanamo...

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  9. 1)會議旅遊    CONVENTION Tourism=透過主辦國際會議的方式來促銷觀光(

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  10. ...與劑量多少有關,不正確。 detentions指拘留。不正確。 conventions 指傳統或大會等。不正確。 2010-08-17 20:00:33 補充: 原句的意思是:她最...

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