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  1. locus of control 是心理學名詞,在1950年代由Julian Rotter所提出,在管理和教育...所在/來源",分為內部和外部兩種。內控 (Internal Locus of Control ),是相信應對自己的命運與前途負責。外控 (External Locus of...

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  2. Weight Control in the Physician's Office “醫師診所﹝指導﹞的...

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  3. kick back the remote control 完全放鬆地使用遙控器來欣賞電視節目等 它完整的意思是 Kick back...公司推銷筆記型電腦的廣告詞,原文是:Kick back, relax and use the remote control to play your favorite media function on your MEGA ...

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  4. Why do women easily lose control ? . and why do women easily get angry for no reason? . What do you think... must have been no choice but to take . the trouble of the easily lose control and . getting angry for no reason . I would if the reason are...

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  5. ...nervosa is definded as recurrent binge eating episodes with out-of- control consumption of generally high-calorie foods in a discrete time period. 神經性暴食症...

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  6. 命運操縱一個人的宿命。 應該這樣翻吧~~^^ 希望對你有幫助囉~~

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  7. 一般是指 "控制按鍵"用來瀏覽網頁或文件,應該有上下左右的功能

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  8. ...有興趣可以來中華民國航管人員協會(ROC Air Traffic Control Association)看看:

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  9. ...2014-04-25 05:37:45 補充: ORIGINAL: NY State Gun Control Bill:

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  10. dominant = 是主控的意思 句子說 車子轉角的角度的大小是前輪來控制的

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