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  1. ...introduce perhaps you are interested in my company and welcome you to contact us.

  2. ... 10 to encourage. If there is any question, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you.

  3. .... If we can be of help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us. Sincerely yours, ___________[name] ___________[title]

  4. ...register located in the basement. 4.假使貨到了.我們將連絡你 We will contact you when the product is back in stock. 或We will contact you when we receive...

  5. ... company if you are interested or have any needs, please contact us with a very Thanks!

  6. ...sorry~這裡作一店小更動!! During the transformation, please "connect "= contact

  7. ...the invitation letter. If you have any problem please do not hesitate to e-mail or contact me. Thank you (你的名子) 布里斯班的我^^

  8. .... 你可以印壁貼嗎?我有合作的書法家, 想把書法印成壁貼, 如果有請連繫 contact 謝謝!

  9. ...底下是台灣社區大學的網址,提供給你參考: contact -info.html#taizhongxian

  10. ...選項 你可能要到 contact _us.aspx 把你鑲要問的問題提出等待他們回覆 或是電洽 TEL:03...