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  1. 詐騙受害者賠償提款卡 你的名字列在最後10受害者通過世界銀行/國際貨幣基金組織,以補償由ATM/借記卡價值150萬的接觸喬治博士西澳大學與你的全名,家庭/辦公室的地址和您的電話直接在這裡(world.bkauditos07@ 。HK) 問候 傑里約翰遜 以上

  2. ...particularly excited and looked forward to having the chance to contact to the things completely different from original environment .

  3. MAGNUMBOND Cyanoacryl是一種快速固化膠粘劑。它僅包括一個組件。 由於其卓越的品質,這種膠可以用來在各個領域(行業和I'artisanat 。 它的易用性使得它需要IA IA的房子和愛好。堅持各種matOrlaux如金屬,木材,橡膠發泡...

  4. ...的力量,會生出力量並帶動雙手向前,這樣以便第四步的進行,球棒底部對準球, 5. contact 接觸 現在就看著球的接觸,注意我手臂並沒卡死,還留點空間,等第6布的向前...

  5. ...removal work, if you know any students who needs such service you may contact me. Thanks

  6. ...not attend the meeting at the above mentioned time. (3)Please contact us at anytime if you have any question. Thank you.

  7. ...victor and i wld love 2 be ur friend or maybe more than that,ma email is above , contact me any tym so dat we hav a little chit chat abt me and u.i hope in...

  8. 你好: 你的 翻譯 基本上都還不錯,不過有些用詞其實可以省略,讓語法變的更簡潔更... English allows us keeping in contact with Western culture and helps us absorbing...

  9. ...intention of the teacher it! Through this event to my first contact with a book full of English words are, or ever ...more progress can be in English! ! ! 投給我!! 可能有誤 但我盡量 翻譯 !!!

  10. ...the flight? That was fun!! 這些字都很簡單,查一下字典,如加中文 翻譯 會超過字數,有問題再說!! 希望有幫助

  1. contacts翻譯 相關