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  1. ...記者看不下去而親自下海追求真相 這本書有濃厚的英國腔 整本 翻譯 .... 這已經是可以出版中文新書了 簡介讓您對大方向有個概念

  2. 句子 翻譯 : "如果這個器具是以延長線連接到主體,要確定延長線及連接點是與濕氣隔絕的。" 所以句中的 "the connection " 是指『連接點』。

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  3. Connection Closed Gracefully? Connection = 關係 Closed = 密切 / 接近 / 保密 Gracefully = 雅緻 / 溫文 / 優雅

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  4. Vocabulary Connections 詞彙連接 Level C C 水準

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  5. ...的回答對你有幫助:) The Rainbow Connection 彩虹之橋 Why are there so many ...的呢? Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection . 總有一天,我會找出彩虹與大地的橋接處, ...

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  6. The connections between interpersonal trust networks and politics significantly affect democratizion. 人際信任網路和政治之間的關係嚴重影響民主化過程。

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  7. ...慢慢的放給變速器(感覺這句文法怪怪的,確定沒有打錯吼?所以大概照整段句子來 翻譯 ) this will eliminate jumping abruptly from no connection at all to a direct solid connection to the engine 這樣將可以排除從引擎沒有實心完全...

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  8. ...and extract relevant information. Use links or connections within the text that are needed to understand...但是超越單一數字結果的呈現。 以上是我的英文改正及 翻譯 供你/妳參考,希望有幫到你/妳,如我的 翻譯 有何...

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  9. Version with valve and oil line to the suction connection . Therefore the oil that accumulates in the upper chamber is...

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  10. ... on uniqueness. Often it is the small touches or special connections that make a difference. 這公司作風推崇獨創性, 其成功處在於這獨特風格。於處理...

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