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  1. Let a, b be the two numbers For (a), a + b = 2p .......................... (1) √ab = q ab = q^2 a = q^2 / b .......................... (2) Put (2) into (1), q^2 / b + b = 2p q^2 + b^2 = 2bp b^2 - 2bp + q^2 = 0 b = [ p +/- √(4p^2 - 4q^2) ] / 2 = p +/- √(p^2 - q^2) Note that a and b are symmetric...

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  2. arithmetic means of a set of real no:{a1,a2,a3,....,an}=summation(a1,a2,a3,....,an) /n So, arithmetic means of sin0 and tan45 is : (sin0+tan45)/2=1/2=cos x easy to get x=60 (special angle)

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  3. Concerning the paper fold of a 3D cube, please visit the website below: http://www.paps...

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  4. This question concerns the properties of the solutions of system of linear equations...

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  5. ..., we could conclude that the Customs Commissioner should not be concerned that smuggling has increased above its historic level...

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  6. Assuming that all x and y are concerned in positive values, we have: 圖片參考:

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  7. Note this is a question concerning complex number. 圖片參考:

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  8. I will use the following question as an example: Question: Let p(x) be a polynomial. When p(x) is divided by x - 2, the remainder is 4. When p(x) is divided by x + 1, the remainder is -2...

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  9. I will use Pie chart to represent the data. Since for scientists, the most concerning is the percentage of different components of a piece of rock rather than the actual values and Pie chart can show it easily.

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  10. ... repaired part 100 and 30 engines repaired both Concerning only the ones repaired part 100, there are total of 36 possible...

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