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  1. CF = Commercial Film CF是指成本和質素較高的膠片廣告,比一般廣告高級,具體例子: CF:Joey拍的百老匯廣告 一般廣告: 幸福傷風素(我尋晚都好辛苦喎..) 希望幫到你=]

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  2. ... of Life (2007) Forensic Heroes 2 (2007 and 2008) Commercials TVB Miss Vancouver TVB Miss Vancouver...

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  3. ...香港中環士丹利街66-68號佳德大厦501室 Room 501, Kai Tak Commercial Building, 66-68 Stanley Street, Central, ...

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  4. ...番佢個首頁的話, 仲有好多其他category 有tv, 有concert 淨係ai 都分哂season, ford commercial , group singing, interview, solo 等等 希望幫到你啦~

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  5. ...a popular DJ/MC/pop singer/actor in Hong Kong's Commercial Radio. Sammy Leung tried out for being a...

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  6. 我較喜歡蘇打綠 因為青峯獨特的聲線 再加上難以在這個樂壇找到如此清新的音樂 實在非常吸引 相反SHE則愈來愈 commercial (不是不好,只是已經太多了)

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  7. ... Sewell work as a high end fashion model, she also acts as a commercial model, and has appeared on various commercials in Hong...

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  8. ...the time Kirsten was 12, she had already made over 100 commercials .

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  9. ... mid-December of 2005 Janice was nominated by Commercial Radio 2 for the 2005 Hong Kong Music Awards...

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  10. ... campaigns appearing in TV and Print commercials for both local and multinational Clients in the Asia Pacific...

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