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  1. ...sentence with He(subj) Add the original verb after it= come ori.verb That's not the past tense as it is...: make, let, have. eg:-usage of let eg:- let is to allow sb to do sth eg:- Let them splash around...

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  2. and built his house with bricks. ---A big bad wolf came along, saw the two little pigs and wanted to eat them. He chased the 2 pigs that hid in...

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  3. ... a very Manson-like cult (really, is there anything more to say?) and, well, it comes with a lot of pre-publication “buzz.” So hear this: The Girls...

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  4. 1.would go; ----would not be;---past tense of will=would; indirect speech 2. had given-----past perfect 3.was caught------past, passive

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  5. ...when adv; at what time; on what occasion;- eg:-"When" can you come ? eg:-"When" did that happen ? eg:-I don't...can I help her "when" she won't listen to me ?

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  6. ...that I had agreed ! eg:- Come whenever you will (wish to come ). ---Would replaces will to show future in the past:- eg:-I wonder...

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  7. ..., "which" they had always wanted to visit. 本句應使用關係代名詞which,因為在形容詞子句...代名詞性質,如:This is the place where he comes "from."(where與介系詞from連用,在此當作關係代名詞...

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  8. 當使用公司資源或由於執行職務或離職時,該僱員必須通知僱主;有關任何創作,革新和 改良. Yip

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  9. ...again -----When did the mini skirt first come into fashion? -----Wearing a lot of make-up is out... has become fashionable in recent years to buy environmentally friendly products from farm.

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  10. ...winter in Beijing where it is unsuitable for people to breath,dangerously dirty air.A dumpimg ground for toxic...the lake should be built. ---Air pollution may also come from Industrial and Chemical plants...

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