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  1. Coming /dp/B004J0RGIQ

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  2. ...where we are now Just see if you want to say 1. Would you like to come with us? 你想不想跟我們一起來? or 2. Would you like to go with...

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  3. All Good Things ( come To An End) 2007-09-09 19:08:16 補充: 我試過條link,,ok的

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  4. 飛輪海是會再來香港的 他們會在十二月再來香港 去參加新城的頒獎典禮 還有那時候他們會在香港開簽唱會

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  5. yah i hope he'll come to HK too! he's planning on a World Tour, but still haven't announce the places he would go. so at this moment we don't know if he'll come to hk or not :(

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  6. 其實日本人好多都唔黎HK開CON 1))香港好細= ="多數場地都唔係容納到多人 2))公司冇心發展海外市場 3))黎HK開一次CON人力物力係要十分多的=0= 有好多野都要係JP個邊運個黎 4))就算想黎HK開手1續上有好多野係好麻煩唔係話黎...

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  7. ... tradition of fishing in this country will be coming to an end soon. (這個國家的捕魚傳統快會消失了[快會... at 6 PM, I am going to be eating dinner.網頁上解釋為: I will be...

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  8. This year, the visitors came to Hong Kong of the numeral rises... year, the number of visitors coming to Hong Kong continous to be...

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  9. 或者要看齊四格的漫畫或全部情節才可以知道那人的「含意」。用heaven的意思一般是「極快樂」、「極滿足」。只能從這方向推測。

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  10. When it comes to 的格式後面係要跟 noun/ gerund (phrase), 所以只係第一句的用法係正確。When...energetic. He seems uninterested in everything around him, but when it comes to playing sports games, he appears unusually energetic...

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