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  1. It is different than typical. It means that the air will run through the cabin air filter first . Then the air will come out from the front air vents.

  2. as the subject of the v. in the clause:-eg:-Take the sound which is coming out.The sound which flows out.The sound which is from the...

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  3. 日文翻訳 不知道是不是正確ㄉ

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  4. actually began to drizzle and windy. At first I felt that the rain was very small...home in the very heavy rain. Although the whole trip came down very tired and embrassed, yet I ...

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  5. It was my grandmother's ring. was是表示「狀態」的靜態動詞(不是一個動作),用了過去簡單式,表示這是「過去的」狀態,現在已經「不是」這樣了。 這句除了表示戒指「現在」不屬於祖母外(可能給了我),通常還有另一個暗示是指我的祖母已經「不在人世...

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