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  1. ... her school in Taipei high school English speech; even...up twice runner-up. Then, whether in inter-class English singing...can be very much at home; popular music club , I served as the president...

  2. Taipei Zoo I visited the Taipei Zoo one day with my classmates. We set out on our trip early in the morning. When we arrived there, it was...

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  3. ...資訊網http://tw. club clubs /good_bog_ in _taiwan/ 寵物 認養 協尋http://tw. club clubs / 寵物協尋專區網址:http:// taipei

    分類:寵物 > 2010年08月15日

  4. .../find/a/list.php 奇集集寵物專區http:// taipei 臘腸狗全球資訊http://tw. club clubs /good_bog_ in _taiwan/ 飛格寵物家族網址:

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  5. ...資訊網http://tw. club clubs /good_bog_ in _taiwan/ 寵物 認養 協尋http://tw. club clubs / 寵物認養專區http:// taipei

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  6. ...vacation time arrive, I always have to go to Taipei night clubs for pleasures and working. ...and running around nightclubs in the winter recess, I also went to...

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  7.兩個月台北縣 http:// taipei短毛臘腸全台有運送 臘腸狗全球資訊http://tw. club clubs /good_bog_ in _taiwan/ yam天空寵物

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  8. ...and I was born on *** in Taipei City. There are four people in my family including ..., I joined guitar club as my extracurricular activity, and ...

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  9. ...spent most of the time shopping in the department store and night market. ...the visit, I came back to Taipei (地名) and asked my ... joined the swimming club in my community on the weekend...

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  10. ... in Physical Education at Taipei Physical Education ... friends or participating in my school’s club activities, I usually act the role...

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