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  1. ... does not seem you have clear questions to answer. But in clarifying your concerns: 1. Federal student loans does not...

  2. 1. Would you please tell me the more clarify identification to tell the customers why he should upgrade to a new version ? 2. Beside, I'll keep on gathering what the data you need.

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  3. ...去角質產品液狀:妮傲絲翠果酸化妝水~Exuviance Professional Clarifying Solution 凝膠狀:上山採藥~青柚籽去角質凝膠、Beauty DIY...

  4. interesting research. However, many issues remain to be clarified in terms of research methodology.

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  5. ...right. 貪婪是對的。 Greed works. 貪婪是有用的。 Greed clarifies , cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. 貪婪...

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  6. confuse可以直接單純當difficult understand或 not understand嗎confuse 和 understand 沒有關係。confuse意指混淆、分不清楚(fail to differentiate);反義字是enlighten, distinguish, clarify 等。Confuse是對方導致混淆,而understand是指自己的理解能力。

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  7. BIOSOURCE 礦泉爽膚卸妝乳 clarifying cleansing milk PNM 新一代潔淨因子Ethylhexyl ...

  8. Here is a question that I'd appreciate you for clarifying . Is your company(the Citibank) the custodian bank of this foreign exchange broker? Do you receive the brokerage business of the foreign exchange broker?

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  9. ...believe me, I think you better way contact the vender or retailer to clarify the question.

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  10. They look pretty fluid overall. I would make a minor fix to (1) to clarify the objective. (1) Spin the wheel so that the rolling ball knocks...

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