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  1. Kindly also cite all references in the reference section in your work, please replace number referencing with the references. 在你的作品的參考部份, 請列出所有的引用,請使用引用參考來取代引用編號。

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  2. CITES * Appendix II, U.S. Marine Mammal...

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  3. Cited as contributing to the turnaround was the government's policy of...

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  4. 1. Citing These Sources 引用出處或來源 (一般用於寫作論文時) 2.In addition to the rules above about citation, here is how to cite the primary sources you get from the electronic sources. 在以上一般...

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  5. The author cites many instances to show the readers that "We see the obvious...

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  6. ...多數公司,無論如何都正全力製作電子書內容。 Multinational publisher, citing positive sales growth in its e-books division, recently ...

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  7. To cite one example, an entrepreneur in Chongqing(重慶) started with a small...

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  8. 商周出版社西方文學譯書品質不錯, 翻譯 很忠實。 http://www. cite

  9. 禁行路肩,否則逕行舉發Driving on the shoulder line is prohibited. The violator will be cited without notice.

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  10. 附件1,2,3所出現的例子,可以給你一個概念 - 可以運用什麼樣的資料,而參考書目中有更多延伸的書單供參考 依大意翻的

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