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  1. ★ CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species )的I要発[ai]的音。 http://www. cites .org/ 2008-12-28 18:59:00 補充: CITES 的E要発[I]、也就是短音的e。

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  2. ...作者都是一樣的,所以應該是不會有問題,其實MLA的URL works cited 分別是以 {1.Author’s name 2.Title of the article 3....

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  3. Cited as contributing to the turnaround was the government's policy of...

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  4. Citing 或 Siting 這是我一個留學回來ㄉ舅舅想ㄉ 那是他自己想ㄉ~~ 2006-02-03 14:35:35 補充: 兩ㄍ都叫做 思婷~~比較接近

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  5. 1. Citing These Sources 引用出處或來源 (一般用於寫作論文時) 2.In addition to the rules above about citation, here is how to cite the primary sources you get from the electronic sources. 在以上一般...

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  6. CITES * Appendix II, U.S. Marine Mammal...

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  7. 此職位負責的事務 -貨物進出口的程序與控管 -貨物維護盤存(JDE系統) - CITES (應該指的是"華盛頓公約") 輸出/輸入 項目 -銷售許可證明與管理 這應該是物流方面的職務~~我非物流科系的~ 希望能幫的上忙

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  8. 1.The designer has waived the right to be cited . = 設計者放棄了權利被引用。

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  9. What factors, in addition to those cited here, do you believe lead to illegitimate political behaviors such as backstabbing? 譯: 除了此處的那些舉証外,你認為還有什麼因素會導致不合法的政治行為例如中傷(背後傷人)?

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  10. Kindly also cite all references in the reference section in your work, please replace number referencing with the references. 在你的作品的參考部份, 請列出所有的引用,請使用引用參考來取代引用編號。

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