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  1. select brands from perfumery and/or other distribution circuits 從香水業 且/或 其它同業性的聯合組織中 選擇品牌 (資生堂和另外兩個自選品牌)

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  2. Application circuits in the RF or microwave network, conjugate impedance of the signal must be equal to the... 1 for the simulation of the RF tuner, the principle of equivalent circuit continuous reception of logging into a network Analyzer (DUT) and...

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  3. ...教科書上也是這個名字 3.XX電子股份有限公司。 XX Printed Circuit Co.,Ltd. XX Printed Circuit Company...

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  4. 若發生故障,會啟動反向斷路器以防止電熱元件燒壞。在發生故障的情況,反向電源的斷路開關會(被啟動將電源切斷以)防止電熱元件燒壞。

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  5. 請寄給我完整的 Circuit image的文件,當做商業(生意上)的參考. circuit image: 看你們做什麼生意. 有可能是巡迴演出的事,但也有可能是線路圖.所以沒有直翻在上面. image是圖,至於是什麼圖,那就看你們生意是什麼了.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年12月16日

  6. ...translate. 2014-01-13 00:02:23 補充: Even though it mentioned " circuit ," but it can still be in different fields. All it says...

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  7. ...properly grouding type receptacle this (panp) pump is to be used in a (cirruie) circuit protected by a ground (rault) fault circuit interrupter. 沉水式噴泉泵...

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  8. Die size => 晶方尺寸 Foundry => 晶圓代工 Wafer = > 晶圓 (晶片) Core circuit => 核心電路 I/O circuit => 輸出/輸入電路 Fabless => 無晶圓場的半導體公司

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  9. ...目的,通常不在院線上映,而只在各大城市中特定的幾家電影院巡迴放映。」 circuit 是迴路,也就是巡迴各地做某件事這個動作。 攝影師及記錄片制作人...

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  10. The analysis of a circuit involves the determination of the voltage across, and the current through, circuit ...the replacement does not change the voltage across, nor the current through, the other circuit elements in the circuit . The resulting circuit is ...

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