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  1. USE TABLE Choose Table > Insert > Table from the menu. The ...

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  2. ...-click the first slide in Slide Sorter view, choose Transition - and under the Transition Sounds option, choose ...

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  3. 你本身有沒有將WINRAR 設定成為主機程式,要設定左,先會一開始就出現佢的圖示 2010-01-23 00:31:56 補充: 重新裝一次,將選頂all choose 左佢 2010-01-23 00:32:12 補充: 重新裝一次,將選項all choose 左佢

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  4. First right click My computer, then press 內容. click 硬體 tab, choose 裝置管理員and see that if your sound card has"!" or not. If yes download its driver

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  5. When you insert a chart in Excel, you may want to choose [XY Scatter]. Then in the [Series] tab, you can insert...

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  6. On the left hand side, you can see many columns, and you should choose the column "轉成 行動裝置". After that, double kick Nokia...

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  7. Access the following page, choose your version of Windows (“Select OS"), then download...

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  8. 首先down msn程式 之後就安裝 安裝完後就伸請一個account(如冇) 之後login左,之後按工具,then按背景 last背景你自己 choose 2007-12-25 16:36:19 補充: last你自己 choose 你like的背景

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  9. Go to Upload the file. Choose convert to mpeg / avi Type your E-mail. Zamzar will send the converted file to your e-mail account.

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  10. try this, hope it help: 1) FILE 2) Save as 3) choose "97-03 RTF" format RTF = real text format all the best!

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