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  1. ... to Disneyland with my elder brother, dad and mum to enjoy a wonderful... we arrived there, we all cheered happily. We took some...castle. Next, we went on some exciting rides...

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  2. Paper 3 listening; and by Oral conversations on HK Actors and Artists. Hence keep up with your sister's good work. cheer up and mock the exams. and enjoy yourself.

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  3. ... showed me the process of cornea transplant. It... ORBIS projects on -line, too? Do join their... campaign. Thanks Cheers , Oscar

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  4. ...participle), excited (past participle) I read an exciting book. The excited crowd cheered their idol wildly. (= ... hot bath, scalding attack on the government’s policy, mountain of...

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  5. ... XYZ to represent me for picking my child after school tomorrow. Yours faithfully, {Signature... that you and your daughter have a nice day~ Cheers ~ ☆ヾ(◕‿◕)ノ

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  6. ..., and enthusiastic demonstrations of team pride via spirited cheers are infectious. Although an emphasis on friendly competition geared toward giving campers an opportunity to...

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  7. ...問題-不是英文文法錯」Although I did’t join any event but I cheered for my house and my friends. I shouted our...

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  8. ... always say dirtyjokes on the online forums. They... thank to Godfrey! Cheers ! =^o^= 2013-09-24 03:22:37 補充... you very much!!! Let me acknowledge you with the supplementary ...

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  9. ...left7. __the__ City Hall in my father's car. We felt... and talked happily8.__( on )__the way. As we had some...a prize. We tried to cheer him13. __(up)__ and said,'...

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  10. (1) in (2) about (3) with (4) up (5) pay (6) for (7) on (8) along Maybe 有錯 , but hope i can help you !

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